The Pink and White Terraces revisited.

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The Disappearing Pink and White Terraces

A seventeen kilometre rift caused by the violent eruption that fateful night on Tarawera spread large amounts of debris for miles in every direction including the covering ofThe violent eruption which occurred in 1886 causing severe loss of life at the time, followed by horrendous suffering during the following years. the Pink and White Terraces.

 issue regarding the TerRecent research has renewed intThe disappearing Pink and White Historical records of the Pink and White Terraces need reviewing as older records are found wanting in the light of recent findings.

erest in what was sometimes referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of The World”, hence it is considered that my research, finding that both terraces rest protected, hidden under several metres of debris is pertinent to the time.The significant natural disaster attracted worldwide attention at the time, however, varying and sometimes incorrect information have confused theraces.
My research over a significant area, including the nearby Lakes Tarawera and Rotomahana and the respective surrounding hills expose the error of previous theories.  Several of the interesting items of my research are included in this bookThe project, personally, has provided me with a relaxing escape from the stress of my business.  I documented my research and much of my work was done aboard my twenty foot Trailer Sailer yacht which I used as a base camp. It was my base for Snorkel and Scuba diving.  Convenient mooring on both lakes allowed me time to research from a large collection of related books which I carried on board for use in the evenings and during inclement weather.

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